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How to rent an apartment in Kiev in a right way?

There's a special sequence of operations for each agency while giving apartments for rent, that's why if You don't want to stay without

apartment you have to follow some rules.

For example you're coming to Kiev from another city and had made a phone call and booked the apartment with some agency in advance but

by your arrival this accommodation is already occupied. Most of all it happens if you applied to some resellers or brokers.

There are a few necessary steps while renting an apartment:

- apartment reservation using Booking online form or by the phone call to the agency manager.

- after confirmation all the dates of your arrival, necessity of transportation and extra services - agency will ask you to pay a deposit

(usually deposit amount equals to the apartment cost for 1 day ), and if the agency doesn't ask you for prepayment - nobody can confirm that

the certain accommodation is booked for you or it might be rented by somebody else before your arrival. That is a very common case with

some reselling agencies.

 - you can pay a deposit using bank transfering system, by your credit card or by bringing that to the company office where you can get

 all the information about booking rules. Upon your arrival to the apartment you read and sign the contract with company manager who

notices all your wishes and requirements and providing you with all contact information. By the end of your staying you contact to the agency

and a manager comes to take the keys or leave them with a chamber-maid. If you check out the apartment during the night time - you leave

the keys with  a concierge.