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Price range of apartments in Kiev for daily rent

Probably everybody who wants to rent apartment in Kiev is interested in price range.

There are some types of the apartments you can rent in Kiev:

  - economy class apartments

  - middle class apartments

  - Elite and VIP level apartments 

Economy class apartments you can rent from 200 UAH or 25 USD per day and higher. As the matter of fact they are located in the suburbs of

Kiev and they've got just the face-lift. 

 Middle-class apartments might be located either in the center of city or in the suburbs as well. Usually they are in good condition and well

 repaired. The price range for these apartments is from 300 UAH(35 USD) till 600 UAH(75 USD) per day. Usually these apartments are

 rented by  people who need accommodation for the short period of time and affordable prices.

 VIP level apartments - are elite class accommodation which are located basically in Kiev center with western-style renovation, high quality

 furniture and electronics, jacuzzi and designer interior. This type of apartments is for connoisseurs of comfort and cosiness. These

apartments are usually provided for the guests who want to feel absolutely comfortable and to be surrounded by all conveniences. The

cost  of these apartments is from 100 USD for single room high-tech level apartment till 320 USD for business and VIP level 3-bedroom

apartment . The  popular options are 2-bedroom apartments from 120 USD till 180 USD.