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Apartment or Hotel in Kiev?

What is better to rent apartment or hotel in Kiev? It seems to that renting a room in the hotel is much easier and better in comparison with

any apartment for a few days,  but  is that so? 

Firstly apartment service is absolutely similar to hotel service. Cleaning as required, technicians and carpenters who will come within 15

minutes after your call etc. Apartment is always provided to be nice and clean with a new linen. Before your checking in the apartment a

chambermaid cleans and arranges everything very thoroughly because we want You to feel absolutely comfortable and to be our regular


We  never ask extra questions and you're not supposed to be confused- this kind of rent is very common in all over the world. Your staying in

the apartment is absolutely private.

Secondly apartment choice is much bigger in comparison with hotel rooms. You can rent studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-

bedroom apartments and even a private house-anything you wish!

Thirdly an apartment for 100 USD will be higher level than any hotel room for the same price. 

Besides that while renting an apartment you can check in there with a group of people and pay only daily apartment cost but not per person.

In the hotel room you are provided with a regular and common set of service for a certain amount of money. In the apartment you will be

surprised by many extra comfortable advantages. 

Resuming foresaid, we can concude that by choosing any hotel room you accept the limitations and restrictions which are provided there,

while an apartment in Kiev for rent gives You the possibility to create your own comfort zone for the most comfortable staying.