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What does apartment cost depend on?

First of all it seems that apartment rental in Kiev is the superprofit for their lessors. As the matter of fact the final cost depends on many

influences which are very simple to calculate:

1. Apartment location. Price of the apartments in Kiev downtown is much more expensive in comparison with another districts and that is

  the basic part of apartment final cost.

2. Constantly renovation apartment interior such as: TV sets, washing machines, airconditioners, irons, hairdryers etc.

3. Apartment cleaning + maitanance and repairment. Room service department works almost every single day,  technical department

 checks all the electronics to be working properly there. 

4. Not all of the apartments are booked for 100% during the month that means there is some idle-time of  accommodation.

 Apartment cost increases  during Christmas holidays - average cost increse in this period might be from 25% till 40%. That is the only

period  when apartment demand is in 3 times more than supply. That's why if you're planning to rent an apartment for the New Year - you

have to do it in advance.