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      Apartment in Kiev for daily rent?

    Rent apartment in Kiev - is not only a good option to the hotel room. You don't have to ask yourself where to stay in Kiev, Ukraine because a comfortable and well-equipped apartment  will be the best accommodation for you to stay and to forget all your daily routine.  After your buisy day you will be able to relax in a very comfortable apartment like at home. Also if you rent apartment in Kiev you definitely save your money in comparison with any Hotel room that is one more priority. 

    On our website  http://vip-apartment.com  you can rent elite accommodation on your own choice. We provide studio hi-tech apartments and large  accommodation in a classical and modern style. Apartments in any style you prefer - you can easily rent in Kiev using service  of  our company. 

    Be absolutely sure  that  kiev apartment rent - is the best quality-price ratio.



    new year in Kiev (rent appartment)On the Christmas Eve lots of people are hesitating where to celebrate the New Year. Usually some people either make the reservation at the restaurant, go to the night club with a big group of people, stay at home or rent apartment in Kiev downtown. The last option is the most common. If you're going to rent apartment in Kiev for the New Year with some group, you can definitely save some money and also on the old year's day you'll be among your friends and relatives. Besides that you can choose your own list of drinks and courses to set the table with not thinking about the menu at the restaurant or cafe. Of course if you're planning to celebrate Christmas or the New Year in some of your friends' places that is one of good options but on the next day after this celebtation your friends will not be so happy to clean that and you know everybody wants to celebrate these kind of holidays without any efforts and troubles.

    So renting apartment in Kiev for Christmas holidays and New Year is the best option and will make your relatives and friends to feel absolutely comfortable and special. Of course it doesn't matter that a tenant can do whatever he wants in the apartment  - you know "You break, You pay...")))

     Of course during these days demand is outgrowing supply, that's why you have to think in advance where to celebrate the New Year. If you've already decided to rent apartment for this holiday - VIP Apartment company will kindly assist you to find the right option. With our company you can rent VIP, luxury and elite accommodation and your holiday will be unforgettable and great. Make a present for yourself, your friends, relatives and beloved person - please contact us dialing  +38 (044) 383-79-88 or filling out Booking on-line form>>